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14 February 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, February 14, 2019


Winter is here again! Good news for the lakes! Not the best news for driving conditions. Heavy wet snow is falling here and isn't supposed to slow for a while (if you believe the weather person...). Be careful out there! Last report was 10-12" of ice on Mundo and the fishing was noted as being "consistent". One angler reported many fish in the 12-16" range on jigs. That was the only report I received this week. Maybe you guys and gals are finally starting to get tired of all the fish tacos? Just as a side note the office will be closed Monday in honor of Presidents Day.

Get out and enjoy the snow!


7 February 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, February 07, 2019


I guess the ice fishing gods are looking favorably on us, or maybe it was just the "Polar Vortex" but it got colder and snowed. Roads are packed snow with lots of ice and slush in the mix so please drive safe. The ice sheet stood up to the rain and is still holding solid at Mundo. Please be careful as conditions can change very quickly this time of year. I have not received any new fishing reports.

Enjoy the weekend!








04 February 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, February 04, 2019


All the snow that the weatherman projected turned out to just be rain. There is slush on the roads, and a lot of the snow in the lake watersheds is melting with rain and above freezing temperatures. Water is flowing into the lakes which can make the ice sheet deteriorate quickly and become unstable. Please use extreme caution. The roads are going to be SLOPPY!

Lets hope the rain turns to snow, and the temps drop, otherwise ice fishing season might be coming to an end.

I'll update the blog on Thursday with new information,










31 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, January 31, 2019


Just a short note. Fishing is still "On Fire" as most anglers have described it. Seems like everyone I talk to is easily catching their limit in pretty short order. Some have been slightly disappointed to catch their limit almost to fast, which in Fish Crew lingo is a job well done.

Just one more reminder that we are NOT holding our Ice Derby this year. So I thought I post one more reminder that instead of the ice derby this year we will be holding a spring derby in May like we did in 2018. We hope this change up in season will excite more anglers and folks will turn out for family focused fishing competition than have been attending the ice derby in past years.


Have a great weekend!







29 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Only have received one report recently (from yesterday). Which indicated fantastic fishing, 20 fish day many in the 12" range and one in the 16" range. White jigs tipped with powerbait was the anglers preferred tool. 

Still sounds like ten inches of ice with a pretty well frozen slush and snow on top of the sheet.

Enjoy our lengthy ice fishing season this year before it is gone for the year!


P.S. I'm on business travel but will update the blog if more information comes available this week.



23 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Old man winter is taking a slight break and the sun is shining. Ice at Mundo is 9-12" with about 6 inches of soft semi-frozen slush and snow on top of the sheet. Fishing has been phenomenal with a local angler catching his personal best Rainbow trout of 21" on a powerbait egg yesterday morning. Anglers are mentioning the morning and evening bite seems to be more consistent with a lull in the lunch time period. 

Roads are slowly melting with plenty of packed snow and in the cold hours some black ice. So please drive carefully!

If the sun stays out and the day time temps rise there could be sloppy conditions on the roads and the lake.

Get out and go fish,



17 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, January 17, 2019


We have got quite a bit of winter around here and the last snow was very wet. All roads will be wet/slush/mud as long as the temperatures remain above freezing.  The ice sheet is under about 9-12" of slushy snow and water. With this much water and slush on top of the ice sheet conditions can be hard to "see" from shore. As always use extreme caution on the ice and use your best personal judgement before walking out onto unknown ice sheet.

We really need the water the snow has brought since the region is still in Exceptional Drought (the highest drought rating) so I'm not upset.

Please be extra careful out there and I'll get an update on conditions Tuesday (Monday is a holiday).

Take care and enjoy your weekend, build a snowman!



10 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, January 10, 2019


Just a quick ice update before the weekend. Mundo had 6-8" of slush and snow on top of 5-9" of ice. Roads are slush to snow packed and the weather man is calling for snow over the next few days. Fishing has been excellent with bait, pink and white, white and chartreuse jigs working well. 10 to 12 fish an hour has been reported by multiple anglers. I have noticed some confusion on what is legally allowed during ice season, Please Read The Proclamation available on the main page in .pdf format to make sure you stay legal! Every time I talk to anglers there is always a diversity of questions regarding limits, rods, baits, etc. we try to make the proclamation easy to read and digest as well as access online if questions arise. If you happen to be at the office we have paper copies of the Non-Tribal member proclamation available as well.

Have a good weekend!



07 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, January 07, 2019

Fishing Update Folks,

The weekend people have been reporting on average 5-10 trout per hour on all tackle types with sizes ranging from 10-21". The ice as of Saturday was reported at 6" with lots of slush on top. It has been snowing so there will also be fresh snow on top of the sheet. With snow comes winter driving to access all fishing areas HIGHLY RECOMMEND 4x4 with good tires!

Hope the New Year is treating you all well,






04 January 2019

Jicarilla Hunt - Friday, January 04, 2019

Happy New Year Folks!

The office has been closed all week but the latest ice report is 5-7" on Mundo and good fishing. Sorry I don't have more information but anglers have not been sending in reports as consistently this year with the crazy weather.

Enjoy the New Year!