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10 December 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, December 10, 2018


I have been traveling for business and some R&R. Just a few updates:

The ice is reported at 3-4" on the south side of Mundo. Roads are snow packed.

The Fish Crew will be returning to the office on Thursday this week and will get a more detailed report posted then.

Hope all is well, and lets keep the positive thoughts going for more snow!


29 November 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, November 29, 2018


Sheet ice is starting to form, and the weather "experts" say it is going to start snowing soon (like tonight?).

I know some of you just can't wait for ice season, but it is still a little while out. Mundo still is about 3/4's open but closing tighter daily.

Stone is mostly covered except for the holes the aerators and water fowl are keeping open. But a very thin sheet.

Hope your Turkey days were awesome!


20 November 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fish Fans,

22 Fish and hour at Mundo lake this week on flies. I think that kind of speaks for itself. Weather has been beautiful.

This week the Roads Department went to Mundo Lake and did some awesome stuff. First they ripped up the whole road and graded/re-crowned the road. They also Installed a culvert and drainage at the junction to either go up to the spill way or head to the camping area. Lastly they installed a culvert and re-cut drainage ditches in an attempt to keep water from running down the road from the camping area to the junction. Of course no amount of work short of asphalt will keep the road 100% perfect 100% of the time, and I'm no roads engineer, but please say thank you to these guys if you happen to see them around. If everyone stays respectful and limits travel on ranch roads when they are wet they will stay in better conditions longer. You can always park off the high way during wet conditions. One last note on the roads the junction intersection looks different and many areas are compacted that are not the actual road, the Game & Fish will be seeding in the upcoming weeks, please be aware, use common sense and pay attention as the road has changed.

Go fishing!








08 October 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, November 08, 2018


Couple of reports from some anglers with black and green pistol-petes fishing very well. Easy limits. Power bait in yellow and green was catching at about the same rate. 16" fish noted, nice and fat. Fall fishing is only going to get better, until winter. Lot of folks calling about reports, but no one providing them sure makes writing these blog posts fun.


Only the two groups fishing at Mundo the last couple days. 

Just a reminder the Nation's Departments (i.e the Fish Crew et al.) will be on Administrative Leave in honor of Veterans Day on Monday November 12th 2018.


Get out and go fishing, chores can wait.









01 November 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, November 01, 2018

Folks I hope you all had a Happy Halloween. It snowed and rained yesterday morning but today was clear and beautiful. The roads should be drying and the weather is supposed to stay clear over the weekend. At least that is what they are saying now.A few minor reports from locals mentioned easy limits before the sun went down after work this week. Spinners, powerbaits, etc. 

Someone told me baseball season was over, and the Broncos didn't win the Stanley Cup so there is no excuse for not fishing every day and submitting reports. Just in case you forgot or misplaced the Fish Crew Contact info is as follows jicarillafishqs@gmail.com

Have a great weekend!











25 October 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 25, 2018

Been getting much needed cool weather with precipitation. It feels like fall. Today has been dry but overcast and cool. Roads into mundo were wet this morning but should be drying. for those who feel adventurous parking on the highway pull out and walking around the north side of the lake fishing along your way is very productive and keeps your tires clean.

The gloomy weather has kept most fishermen at home, which seems weird to me as my best fishing always occurs during these times. It also helps keep the crowds away from the big fish putting on pounds for winter. I guess folks are to busy watching baseball? No fishing reports have been submitted. 


Go Fishing, Submit reports, Be Happy!









18 October 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 18, 2018


The weather has been playing slight tricks, with forecasts not quite being accurate to on the ground conditions. It did lightly rain today but it should dry fairly quickly and the forecast is calling for it to clear up over the next few days. The day time temperatures have been fluctuating greatly and the skies have been mostly cloudy. One fishing report was submitted and they indicated fishing was good with all colors of powerbait.

The Fish Crew finished the fall Navajo River sampling and tagged many large brown trout for further study. You can take these fish home if you catch them but we sure would appreciate you sending us a note with the tag number and location of capture( if you release the fish take note of the same information and send it along! Do not remove the tag if you release the fish). The tags used are FLOY Tags and are identical to the T-Bar tags one might find in a new T shirt, just like your t-shirt tags you can grab them and pull them right out before filleting. The tags are near the dorsal fin and do not disturb meat that one would eat.

Anyway Hope for a big winter,








11 October 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 11, 2018


There has been a nice change in the weather this week, with overcast skies, rain, and even snow in the high country near the office. Of course with rain comes the mud. There is very little to be done about the mud. Be careful out there. Thread lightly. 

The Fire Guys have informed me that despite these rains there was a human caused fire this weekend. That being said fire restrictions have been lifted, meaning open flames are allowed in approved fire rings, and grill boxes.

I have only received two fishing reports, both from Mundo. One angler fishes there regularly and has been very happy with multiple 16-18" trout being caught every trip. Another angler's little one brought in a 16" from the dock. All using common baits.

With this change in the weather the fishing should just continue to improve for those willing to put in the time, and tolerate the tempermental weather. 


Hope all is well, 













20 September 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, September 20, 2018


Small updates for the week, include fire restrictions still in place at least until September 30th 2018 when our fire office will re-evaluate the weather and precipitation data. So no open fires or charcoal at the lakes, but propane grills or camp stoves are allowed. As new information comes in after the 30th I'll update the blog to reflect new regulations. I think it is to hot for a fire, but some folks just can't go fishing without a camp fire.


Today I went and took water quality measurements at the lakes and found the temperatures at all three lakes to be in the low sixties. I only mention it as many anglers frequently ask the current temperatures. 

Fishing reports have not been coming in at all, so I'm going to make my pitch for you ladies and gents to please submit reports to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com so I can share some information with the readers. Of course you can also call the office and talk to the Jacob or leave him a voicemail at 575-759-3255.

Have a good weekend, and please if you have a few minutes go fishing!








September 6th 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, September 06, 2018


The weather is sort of starting to reflect the appropriate season here in Dulce. September has brought some much needed moisture, of course with that has come lightening. Roads which have been getting rain have been drying quickly, but we are no means out of the drought. Fishermen and fisherwomen have slowly started getting out to the lakes and some have reported excellent fishing for bass and bluegill. One or two anglers have even started targeting trout with some mixed results. Lake temperatures are still in the low to mid sixties but are dropping slowly which should start to refresh the trout bite.

Of course we will be doing our fall surveys in the next few months, but currently things are looking better than expected after the brutal drought summer we just came through. Water levels in all of the lakes are down from last year but holding.

The fish crew will be out and about over the next few weeks getting ready for fall surveys, talking to anglers, and taking data for the upcoming stockings.

I will be out of the office next week and the office will be closed for a half day the 13th, closed all of the 14th, closed all of the 17th and will be back in service on Tuesday the 18th. This is a Jicarilla National Holiday and most non-emergency staff will be celebrating. The Wildhorse Casino and Hotel will still be open normal hours to sell permits if you need one! If you find yourself in the Stone Lake area please be respectful of the posted rules regarding the celebration and don't be surprised to find lots of folks in the area over this time frame.


Good Luck,