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14 October 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Friday, October 14, 2016

14 October 2016


I have been getting quite a few phone calls about the boat ramp and of course fishing conditions. Luckily I have also received some fishing reports from charitable anglers.

Mundo: Fish in the 12-15 inch range have been caught consistently during the evening and early morning, all anglers have reported a slowing in catch rate in the afternoon. Beadhead wooly buggers and nymphs in larger sizes have been producing well.  Only one bluegill has been reported fishing in this manor, which makes sense as water temperatures have been a little low for active bluegill feeding. Casting to the weed lines have been the most consistent fish catching technique, two anglers reported trolling not being very effective.

Powerbait was effective for anglers in the evening on some larger trout (see attached photo). I would suggest a bobber and bait as there still is low lying weeds in the lake making sinker fishing difficult.

Boat Ramp Project Update: The out of water portion of the ramp is completed, a beautiful (if I don’t say so myself) 71’ 4500psi slab has been poured and textured.  There is approximately 2 feet of gravel/rock/sediment in between the ramp and the water. It has been packed by a backhoe but is still soft in areas, it is our hope that as it dry’s it will harden and be ready for part two of the construction, which is the “in water phase”. If you are using the ramp, DO NOT BACK YOUR VEHICLE TIRES OFF OF THE CONCRETE. If you just need access for hand launch directly right of the ramp (south) is acceptable for getting your trailer tires to the water’s edge. All of our amenities are use at your own risk, and we ask that you exercise due diligence and common sense.The Nation, Department, nor its agents are liable for personal property damage.

Embom: One angler noted better catch rate at Embom than Mundo using the same flies. Yesterday morning I saw a nice light hatch and some surface action as well as some nice sized cruising fish along the rocks at the south side. Weeds are still fairly thick but open places are available for those with a small water craft such as a float tube or pontoon boat.  No large boat access is available at Embom, only hand/shore launching. Due to the weeds I would recommend some lighter patterns like unweighted wooly buggers or lightly weighted prince nymphs 

October 6th 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 06, 2016

06 October 2016


I spent most of the week at Mundo Lake working on the boat ramp. 15 yards of concrete were poured today and textured but there is still a 3 foot slab and two expansion joints to pour on Tuesday (weather permitting). The ramp will not be open to vehicles until next weekend. This will allow time to cure in the cooler weather we are experiencing overnight.

We will be finishing the remaining dirt work (grading) and so forth next week. The in water portion of the ramp will be compacted rock and will be concreted with a product called concrete canvas in the spring. I hope the water just comes up ten feet so this becomes a non-issue.

I did notice quite a few nice fish patrolling the shore, and the water temperature is perfect for fishing. Embom was looking nice though there still are some weeds along the shallow edges, and fish were rising to a sparse hatch at lunch time yesterday.

You can still launch small craft along the south side of the ramp if you are careful, and are willing to give your boat a slight push. Roller trailers are a beautiful thing, I have not got my trailer tires so much as wet in years.

Hope all is well, and don’t miss the fall fishing, it will be winter before you know it.