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December 29th 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, December 29, 2016


Just checked the ice and it appears to be at an average thickness of 4.5". It has been cold and the ice is forming fairly consistently. I think we are going to be in great shape for the 11th Annual Ice Derby next Saturday January 7th 2017. 

Look forward to seeing you all at the derby!

Happy New Year,


P.S. The Nation will be on holiday Monday the 2nd so the next ice update will be on Tuesday the 3rd!

December 27th 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

27 December 2016          


It appears we are having the most delayed ice season in recent memory. Today ice was approximately 4” thick at both Mundo and Embom both had highly variable areas with much less ice. There is a light layer of crunchy snow on both lakes. Roads into the lakes are snowy and require a 4x4 vehicle with good clearance to access safely.

I’m not a weatherman but the ten day forecast is calling for clear and cold, which should hopefully get ice fishing season started.

I will be updating this report by the end of the week to keep everyone up to date on the ice progress. This weekend is a National Holiday and we will be closed Monday the 2nd of January. I therefore will be updating this report again on Tuesday the 3rd.

Happy Holidays from the Jicarilla Fisheries Crew!


19 December 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, December 19, 2016

Fish Folks,

Due to heavy rain this weekend the ice thickness has shrunk to approximately 1.5” at both lakes. The good news is the slab at Mundo is now covering 100% of the lake and is good clear ice. Not safe to fish as of yet but a great base layer that should (barring any more rain) be in good shape to fish very soon.

The rain was quite unexpected and now we’re experiencing arctic cold conditions single digit/negatives at night. So things will shape up quickly.

As always I’ll keep you posted.


December 15th 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, December 15, 2016

15 December 2016

Howdy Fish Folks,

I know you are all patiently awaiting hard water season (well some of you are patient). As of today Embom lake has developed a complete cap of ice but it is not thick enough to support weight. Mundo Lake has almost formed a complete cap of ice, with about 1 acre of open water remaining. Ice at the edges was not thick enough to support weight (2” on average). So far the ice appears to be developing clear and has no snow on top.  Let me repeat that just for good measure, THE ICE IS NOT THICK ENOUGH (YET) TO SUPPORT WEIGHT ASSOCIATED WITH FISHING.

I imagine based on previous years that we will be seeing weight bearing ice around the weekend of Christmas. That of course is a guess, and is subject to change depending on what the weather decides it’s going to send our way.

Dust off the ice gear, as the season is getting ready to start.

I will be taking some holiday time off, but will try to keep the office informed of ice conditions during my leave.

As always NO ICE IS SAFE. Use your best judgement to insure your safety when navigating frozen bodies of water.

Happy Holidays,


11th Annual Jicarilla Ice Derby

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, December 06, 2016