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October 6th 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 06, 2016

06 October 2016


I spent most of the week at Mundo Lake working on the boat ramp. 15 yards of concrete were poured today and textured but there is still a 3 foot slab and two expansion joints to pour on Tuesday (weather permitting). The ramp will not be open to vehicles until next weekend. This will allow time to cure in the cooler weather we are experiencing overnight.

We will be finishing the remaining dirt work (grading) and so forth next week. The in water portion of the ramp will be compacted rock and will be concreted with a product called concrete canvas in the spring. I hope the water just comes up ten feet so this becomes a non-issue.

I did notice quite a few nice fish patrolling the shore, and the water temperature is perfect for fishing. Embom was looking nice though there still are some weeds along the shallow edges, and fish were rising to a sparse hatch at lunch time yesterday.

You can still launch small craft along the south side of the ramp if you are careful, and are willing to give your boat a slight push. Roller trailers are a beautiful thing, I have not got my trailer tires so much as wet in years.

Hope all is well, and don’t miss the fall fishing, it will be winter before you know it.


22 September 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, September 22, 2016


Water temperatures are coming into fall conditions, though rain in the afternoons and some high winds have been detrimental to evening fishing this week. If I had a fishing pole in the truck I’d be at Mundo this evening as it is shaping up to be beautiful.

No fishing reports have been received and no anglers have been seen at Mundo or Enbom, which in my mind means it’s even better as you will have the place to yourself. When hunting season starts most folks are too busy in the woods to enjoy the lake, which is good for fishing centric folk such as myself.

As noted in the last report the Fish Crew will be constructing a new boat ramp, the old ramp is still use-able until the day of construction. There will be a two day window where the slab will have to cure and then will be fully functional. Currently based on design and material acquisition the ramp will be built the last week of September or the first week of October, if all continues to go smoothly.

Stocking will be occurring in Mundo and Embom, we are expecting a large shipment of 16-26” rainbow trout to be stocked in both lakes as soon as conditions are optimal. As loyal followers know, I do not release dates of stocking events.

Hope all is well, and that you all find some time to come and enjoy some fall fishing!


24 August 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fish Fans,

The nights are getting cooler and the rain has been coming every evening (just about), so that is a good sign that fall fishing is here.

I do not having any fishing reports to share, but I imagine the fishing reports will start flowing with the cooler weather. Be careful as the rain has come with ample lighting and thunder. Please send in reports so I can provide information to the group, many people request information though very few provide.

One project note of concern to anglers wanting to launch boats from the ramp at Mundo. The Department will be installing a new boat ramp at Mundo. We will be re-grading the slope to a shallower angle. The ramp will be out of commission during construction and will require a week to dry before it can accept traffic. The demolition and construction will begin at the end of September, more specific dates forthcoming. This has been a requested improvement to the lake and after much planning it is moving forward. Small boats will be able to launch from shore.

Everyone has been asking about stocking. Per usual I do not release stocking dates etc. but fall stockings of trophy and catch-able size fish will be occurring in the next few months. There has been lots of trout activity in the evenings and a few larger fish reported being lost near shore by unsuspecting anglers, so don't think you need to wait for the truck before the fishing is awsome.

As always give me a call at 575-759-3255 or e-mail me at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com


21 July 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, July 21, 2016

21 July 2016

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers and getting out, despite the ridiculous heat. I took some personal time and went fishing, which it turns out I really enjoy, I had almost forgot how much so.

Mundo Madness III was a success this year with about 70 anglers and with new rules a pretty exciting competition. I would like to thank all of the anglers and the Wildhorse Casino and Hotel for making Mundo Madness a success again this year.

Bluegill Category: 1st Place Christy Kuhlman 26 pounds 8 oz.

Honorable Mention: Tim Seaman 18 pounds 7 oz.

Largemouth Bass Category: 1st Place Nathan Pratt 5 pounds 11 oz.

Channel Catfish Category: 1st Place Tim Romero 29 pounds 3.5 oz.            

                Honorable Mention: David Valdez 25 pounds 12 oz.

As promised here are a few photos of the derby and some angler submissions from this year…

22 June 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

22 June 2016

The weather has been hot here in Dulce. The trout bite has been slowing down with the warmer water, but the catfish bite has been awesome with one angler bringing in a seven pound channel cat this week.

Damsel flies have been coming off Embom in the evening with an active trout bite, but sadly I don’t carry a fly rod in the work truck. We have received no reports from anglers at Embom the last few weeks.

Anglers have been doing very well on tiger musky at Mundo with the largest fish landed this year being 42” and 14 pounds and some change. Remember these fish may look big and scary but they are quite fragile, practice good catch and release techniques if you are going to target these fish!

The Summer Derby is this weekend at Mundo, registration will be on the Mundo Spillway starting at 8:30. Fun for the whole family.

Stay out of the heat and enjoy the summer folks! I have a whole lot of photo’s to upload, I have not forgot just ran out of time this week.


Mundo Madness III

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, June 06, 2016

06 June 2016

Mundo Madness 3 will be held at Mundo Lake June 25th! Registration will start at 8:30 at the spillway and the derby will be from 9:30 to 3:30 with the awards ceremony at the Wild Horse Casino & Hotel. The cost of entry is $10.00 for youth (12 and under) and $20.00 for adults (13 and over). After registration there is a mandatory angler meeting, where we will discuss the rules and regulations etc.

Prizes for adult participants will include 600.00 in cash for differing categories including:

Largest trout (20" and over)- $150.00

Largest Bag of bass- $150.00

Largest Bag of bluegill- $150.00

Largest Bag of channel catfish- $150.00

(Must be 21 years of age to collect cash prizes, so if a minor wins they will need to have a parent or guardian present)

Adults are allowed to enter one bag of either bass, bluegill or catfish. All anglers who catch a trout over 20" will be allowed to enter into the trout category. This is a little different than previous years in an attempt to keep those "pro" cat-fisherman from dominating the rankings. 

Youth prizes as always include tackle and fishing related goodies.

Hope to see you out there.


May 16th 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th 2016

Fish Folks,

Lots of people have been calling and e-mailing regarding fishing at Mundo, but only a few have sent in a report.

Luckily one of the old guard long time Jicarilla fishing groups came up and gave Mundo a pontoon boat effort this weekend. They managed approximately 25 fish each in the 16-18” range and one 40” obese tiger musky (after those kind of numbers who is still counting?) Largest trout of the weekend was 23”. These guys are a little guarded with their secrets but mentioned 8-10 feet or more of water on intermediate type fly lines and nothing special as far as fly selection. They were overheard to say “It rivaled Stone Lake during the hayday…”

That’s as glowing of a recommendation as I think you can get. Damsels, hares ears, prince nymphs, smaller beadhead wollybuggers, according to other fisherman were productive, fly selection was not as important as overcast conditions as the bite slowed significantly when the sun came out.

Shore anglers did not fare as well, and bait has not been producing on these large hold over fish (if they didn’t fall for the ‘ole powerbait trick last year, why would they this year?). Spinners and small crank baits have also been much more productive than bait, but few anglers seem to be using gear.

No new reports from Embom.

Spring fishing will only last so long, so if you are on the fence about a trip I would make it happen soon. 

Go fishing!


28 April 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, April 28, 2016


Fishing reports are coming in from over the weekend and after work hours this week and it seems as though people are either fishing better or the weather has just hit the right spot. Anglers this last weekend reported ten fish each 14”-20” in size using flies, and many 16-20” fish were caught on spinners at Mundo after work this week.

Yellow and red daredevils were a popular lure for trout, and I even got a report of a tiger musky caught on the fly as well.

I would say the fishing despite the highly variable weather is incredibly good.

As always I do not divulge stocking dates so don’t try to bribe me (which only two people this spring have tried, sorry guys). I don’t think stocking date is that important if the fishing is half as good as the reports I’ve received.

Embom has been stocked, but I have received no reports.

Come on up, and catch a fish for me. As always questions at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com or give the office a ring (575) 759-3255, its common this time of year for me to be in the field so leave a message and I will return your call. If you have specific questions and a voicemail return is okay let me know and I'll leave you one of my world famous three minute voice mails.


14 April 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, April 14, 2016

14 April 2016      


Spring is here, for now, it seems. Fishing reports have slowly been trickling in but the weather seems “unsettled” at best. Fishermen at Mundo yesterday said the bite was slow with two hits and one fish landed in four or so hours of effort. Not sure if it is the weather or people are still shaking off the winter doldrums, because reports have been few and far between.  If I were not working I’d be fishing right now, regardless of the reports.

The Fish Crew is wrapping up a large river restoration project on the Navajo River, and just yesterday finished the spring river sampling effort.  Some amazing native fish were sampled and a week in the field always does my soul good.

Stockings will occur in the upcoming weeks into Mundo and Embom. Embom is currently full and hopefully remains that way for the foreseeable future.

As always e-mail me at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com or call me at the office (575) 759-3255 and if I’m not in the office leave me a message with your contact information.

Thank goodness it is fishing season,


Spring is here?

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I guess El Nino bit the dust a little earlier than expected. We are still optimistic that another winter blast will come to the Jicarilla, as more water is never a bad thing. I know all of you are chomping at the bit to get fishing. The lakes are mostly Ice free and easily fished as of today. We are going to wait a little while before putting out the docks at Mundo, in hope that winter really isn't over. There should be excellent fishing this spring for hold over fish as I know not all of them were caught.

As always I do not release stocking information such as dates or times. I know that seems to take a lot of fun out of it for many folks that e-mail me asking those very things. Right now we have plans to stock Embom and Mundo. Currently Embom is full, we have had no reports so I'm unsure of winter hold overs as of now.

Just FYI the new 2016-17 fishing proclamation has been posted to the main page of the website in .pdf format. Please download and reaqaint yourselves with the rules and regulations before visiting the Jicarilla Lakes. The new season starts April 1st.

The Fisheries Crew will hopefully see you all fishing this season!