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Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, April 05, 2018

I got a call yesterday that a regular angler left his favorite fly rod at Mundo Lake earlier this week. If you have any information or would like to return the rod to its proper owner please contact me at the office (575) 759-3255 or jicarillafishqs@gmail.com.

28 March 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

    Fish Fans,

Just a quick update. It snowed in yesterday and as some may guess began the cycle of mud season yet again. Roads are very muddy and consider access from the highway at Mundo.

I received some seriously cool news yesterday that Enbom had great overwinter survival of fish for the first time that anyone can remember. The fish are in the 16-17" range. The road into Enbom will also be EXTREMELY MUDDY.

I will be out of the office until Monday but will be sporadically checking my e-mail (jicarillafishingqs@gmail.com). My best friend is getting married, thus putting a significant damper to his fishing career (I'm joking of course). 

Also just a reminder that the new fishing season starts APRIL 1ST 2018!


26 March 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, March 26, 2018

Despite the first day of spring being on March 20th it almost seems like it should still be winter. But sadly it is not. The Western United States is currently facing down one horrific drought year, and our recreational fishing lakes are not immune to the ever warming and drying conditions this year appears to be providing. Some watersheds in New Mexico are currently sitting below 10% of average water, and some are nearer to 2%.

The fishing reports I have been receiving seem very good. One angler reported one fish out of Stone Lake, but he did not indicate a size. And Many anglers at Mundo have been reporting 18 plus inch fish with lots in the 14-16" range. The road has dried out but that can change with any new moisture.

Good luck!


15 March 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fish Fans,

Stone and Mundo were ice free as of today but Embom still had coverage. It rained this afternoon and the roads are back to being sloppy, so if you decide to go fishing be careful and avoid the dirt if at all possible.

Fishing reports include two 18" Rainbows on lures at Mundo as well as two that were in the 14-15" range. One angler noted that bait was not working for him but when he switched to lures the action picked up.

Monday the Fish Crew and sponsors will be finalizing the schedule for the May 5th Derby, so I can update the forum next week with that information. The T-shirt design has already gone to Advertising Ideas for layout and printing! Thanks to J.C. Knighthawke for yet again drawing up a beautiful design!




05 March 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, March 05, 2018


After a large out cry from parents with children graduating over the weekend of May 19th the Fish Crew has decided to move the derby to the weekend of May 5th! 

This will be the first and last rescheduling of the event.



01 March 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, March 01, 2018

Fish Fans,

The weather is a strange bird sometimes. There has been some light sheet ice covering 1/3 to 1/4 of Mundo this week. I do think you can fish but if the wind picks up you might not have free choice of where on the lake... Small boats and float tubers should be very cautious of moving ice! The road situation is VERY MUDDY! I hope we get a few more storms to round out the winter, as we always need moisture.

We have selected May 19th (Armed Forces Day) for our spring derby. Memorial Day and more importantly Mothers Day both fall in May, lots of M's. I didn't think many fishermen nor fisherwomen would want to skimp on Mothers Day (at least not the smart ones). 

!!!Just an FYI 2018/2019 Fishing Permits will be required April 1st!!!!

I'll keep the updates coming as the Fish Crew finalizes its 2018 plans!


22 Feburary 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, February 22, 2018


The ice is mostly cleared, though winter is still here. Please exercise extreme caution as many roads are very muddy.

The Fish Crew will be back in the office starting Monday.

Have a good weekend!


15 February 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, February 15, 2018


Winter tried to come around the last few days, I can see snow in the mountains to the east but Dulce mostly received rain. Which has made for a muddy mess. I won't complain about precipitation as we are always in need of it. 

The ice situation has not changed and Mundo Lake is still covered approximately 50% by slushy ice sheet. It is receding slowly but hopefully snow and more winter will keep spring away for just a little longer.

The ice sheet is not safe for ice fishing!

The Fish Crew will be out of the office next week on business but will be responsive to e-mails at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com


08 February 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, February 08, 2018


The ice sheet is starting to recede and a little less than half of Mundo Lake is open water. If these abnormally warm temps keep up it will only be a few more weeks until "spring" fishing starts.

The 2018/2019 Fishing Proclamation has been approved and will be posted to the main page of the website soon. Not to worry, very few changes from previous years. 


30 January 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Despite some colder nighttime temperatures Jicarilla Lakes are still closed to all ice fishing activities. Open water is expanding slightly but there are no real shore fishing opportunities as of yet. The quality of the ice sheet is still very poor.

I will continue to keep you updated as the situation develops.