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07 May 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, May 07, 2018


Another successful fishing derby is in the books.  Some of the highlights include the Largest Fish being 17.913 inches long, and the heaviest bag of five trout being 8.2122 pounds. Fishing was and still is on fire. 148.412 total pounds of Rainbow Trout were weighed in by 29 contestants (for an average bag limit weight of 5.11 pounds per person...). I'm just a simple biologist but I think that's a pretty darn good average.

I think someone in a row boat with a spinner could catch a limit of 16" or better trout in under ten minutes (30 trout an hour?). A third grader trolling a Rainbow Trout rooster tail managed 4 fish on Saturday in one pass from the south toward the boat ramp (while I rowed)... Of course me and the young man are professionals... Your results may vary. The weather has been incredibly hot and fishing like this will not last forever if the temperature continues to rise.

Get it while you can,