Jicarilla Fishing Blog

11 October 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 11, 2018


There has been a nice change in the weather this week, with overcast skies, rain, and even snow in the high country near the office. Of course with rain comes the mud. There is very little to be done about the mud. Be careful out there. Thread lightly. 

The Fire Guys have informed me that despite these rains there was a human caused fire this weekend. That being said fire restrictions have been lifted, meaning open flames are allowed in approved fire rings, and grill boxes.

I have only received two fishing reports, both from Mundo. One angler fishes there regularly and has been very happy with multiple 16-18" trout being caught every trip. Another angler's little one brought in a 16" from the dock. All using common baits.

With this change in the weather the fishing should just continue to improve for those willing to put in the time, and tolerate the tempermental weather. 


Hope all is well,