Jicarilla Fishing Blog

17 May 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, May 17, 2018


It feels like summer is here. On that note the fire danger has been hopping between HIGH and EXTREME here in Northern New Mexico. The Nation has enacted fire restrictions and a complete burn ban, this includes the use of propane and charcoal grills in the out of doors. I understand this may put a damper on those wishing to have a camp fire during the 80 degree days we have been having, but please understand the risk of large wild fire is to high to allow any fires at this time.

I have been receiving complaints about folks parking very selfishly at Mundo lake and very near the boat ramp which makes it quite stressful for folks backing a trailer or truck down the ramp. Please park orderly and away from the ramp as far as possible to allow folks easy access to the ramp. By doing this you might also save yourself an insurance claim. Let's all remember the golden rule and rejoice that your fishing, not stuck in traffic.

The fishing has continued to be excellent. Folks are reporting easy limits at all lakes, but most folks in boats are out fishing shore bound anglers. Reports from Stone Lake indicate excellent shore fishing from the east side of the lake with many fish in 16-18" landed on black and white daredevils. Weeds at Embom have been coming up quicker than normal but some excellent reports of 16-18" fish keep coming in.

It is very hot so most anglers are reporting the best fishing in the morning or evening with consistent slowing during the heat of the day.