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18 December 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Despite all of the good fishing reports I have been receiving the weatherman has decided to "rain" on the ice fishing parade. Over the weekend reports of 5" of ice in most locations on Mundo "Lots" of 15-18" trout and multiple 2 to 4 pound catfish.

Sadly its was not below freezing most of the weekend and Sundays high temp was in the mid-fifties. The ice sheet  lost consistency and thickness (back to 2-4"). The weatherman is predicting day time highs the next ten days in the mid to upper forties and nightly lows in the upper twenties. This is not a good short term forecast for folks thinking about ice fishing, and if correct will not allow safe access to the lakes before Christmas. The weatherman has been wrong in the past, and if I were a betting man he is going to be wrong again once or twice in the future.

Holiday Schedule Update:The Department will be closed for the Christmas Holiday Monday the 24th of December through the 26th and will be back on Thursday the 27th. The Department will also be closed the 31st of December through the 1st of January for the New Year Holiday and return Wednesday the 2nd.

Questions have been coming in regarding fishing derbies. The Department will not be holding an Ice Derby this year but will again be holding a spring open water derby. Participation and interest in the ice derby has been waning and the ice sheet itself has been less than dependable the last few years causing the Fish Crew a lot of stress due to safety concerns. We are hoping a new derby format and season will reinvigorate our loyal anglers and attendance will increase.

I will update the ice conditions before leaving for the holiday so keep and eye out. As many may be aware I try to update ice conditions as new information or reports become available.