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21 March 2017

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I know this is the news you have all been waiting for...(Imagine a Drum Roll)...The Ice is off Mundo Lake. The lake has also risen approximately five feet and is only a 2 feet below the parking lot. All good news! The lake due to the run off is turbid (of color). I have not received any fishing reports for trout but the catfish bite was very good on Sunday.

Embom Lake has been overflowing for at least a week and is now complete full to spillway level. 

Stone Lake has come up approximately 2 feet and is still receiving run-off as I write this. I will not know total depth increase from run off for a few weeks as I hope we still have some snow coming! (3 feet of fresh wet snow would be great)

DO NOT FORGET :The new permit season starts April 1st.

The fish crew will be getting the Mundo docks out in the next week or so, once run off has slowed down.

We will be stocking trout this year into Embom and Mundo as of now, on a similar schedule to last year (spring and fall).

Hope all is well,