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Hunting Season 2013

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello all,

Significant rainfall over the past month or so has me anxiously awaiting the 2013 Hunting Season with high hopes that I will be scoring some large elk and deer antlers! Even more so, I hope that the blessings of rain will enhance the nutritional condition of the Nation's big-game populations...a key component to population dynamics! Thunderstorms are building as I type, so I am cautiously optimistic, that fall 2013 will be a good one. 

As of today, we are nearly sold out of all hunts, with a few exceptions:

Reservation Cow Elk

Southern Cow Elk

Late Season Bull

Call our office for available hunt dates.

Best of luck in the 2013 season,

Kyle Tator

JGF- Wildlife Biologist