Horse Lake Mesa Trophy Elk Hunting

Horse Lake Mesa is a unique geographic feature that is managed by the Jicarilla Game and Fish Department for Trophy Bull Elk Hunting. This 14,500-acre mountain was encircled by high fence back in the 1960's as part of an economic development project to develop hunting tourism on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Elk were transplanted to Horse Lake Mesa from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota, in the early 1970s. At that time there were few elk anywhere in northern New Mexico. Horse Lake Mesa is the largest elk hunting enclosure in North America, offering clients the opportunity to pursue trophy bulls across 21 square miles of rugged, heavily timbered terrain.

Descendants of the original transplants have been invigorated with new bloodlines of elk to produce some truly magnificent bulls. The elk herd currently numbers approximately 600 animals, and the rut on Horse Lake Mesa is an awesome display of elk behavior. The bull harvest is very conservative, with bulls averaging 7-9 years old, 340+ SCI, with realistic potential for a 400+ bull each year. All bull elk harvested on Horse Lake Mesa are born there. Absolutely no bulls are imported or released into Horse Lake Mesa. This is a one-of-a-kind hunting operation, with a self-sustaining elk population that produces spectacular bull elk hunting opportunities.

Guided, 4-day bull elk hunts are offered during the September rut. Available vacancies are sold 1st come/1st served every January and a maximum of 5 hunters are booked per hunt. Please call us for details on Horse Lake Mesa Elk Hunting!