Mule Deer Hunting

The Jicarilla Apache Reservation is famous for producing trophy-class Mule Deer bucks. The reservation lies in the middle of Rio Arriba County, NM, which has been the top producer of Boone & Crockett Mule Deer bucks for decades; due in large part to the conservative management strategy employed on the Jicarilla Reservation.

The relatively low harvest level allows many bucks to reach maturity at 5-7 years old. The combination of great habitat, world-class genetics, and conservative harvest produces high numbers of monster bucks.

There are two types of Trophy Mule Deer Hunts available on the Jicarilla. A limited number of 10-day, guided hunts are offered during early December. Variations in the number of permits issued each year are a reflection of the availability of trophy bucks in the population. Our goal is to have every hunter harvest a buck-of-a-lifetime. These permits are issued by random-draw in May; there is no preference point system so each applicant has an equal chance of drawing a tag. Success rates for these hunts approach 100%, and, over the past 2 years, the average gross score of our client bucks has been 210. Each year 2-3 bucks taken will qualify for entry into the all-time Boone & Crockett record book.

The second opportunity for trophy Mule Deer Hunting is the Mule Deer Auction Hunt. Each year two 35-day Mule Deer Auction Hunts are sold to the highest bidders, by sealed bids submitted to the Jicarilla Game and Fish Department. This hunt begins in November and spans the entire rut period, making it a truly unique opportunity to search for that special buck. Our bid hunters consistently harvest slammer bucks!

All Mule Deer Hunters are guided by experienced tribal member guides, who specialize in locating and field judging big Mule Deer bucks. Hunting monster bucks on the Jicarilla is as good as it gets. Opportunities for permits are limited, but the quality of bucks is unparalleled. Check the photo gallery for bucks taken in recent years.