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2020 Closure Announced

Please see the attached Executive Order:

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As always The Fisheries Crew is available via e-mail jicarillafishqs@gmail.com for questions.

Hope all is well with you and yours,


Checking In


Sorry for the long absence, but the Fish Crew has been doing a little fishing of their own. 

There are no updates or changes to the current closure.

We will keep you up to date as soon as new information becomes available.


25 June 2020

We have been getting quite a few Non-Tribal anglers showing up and attempting to fish. Which is sort of curious since none of these anglers had a fishing permit as we are not selling them due to the closure.  Fishing without a permit is a serious offense as is violating the closure both carry 500.00 dollar fines and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Respecting the closure will increase the likelihood of an earlier opening.

Please spread the word, there are way too many rumors circling the fishing community in places like Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Bernalillo, and beyond...

Stay safe out there folks,


22 June 2020


It is hot, dry, and windy still. Smoke from multiple nearby fires is settling in the area overnight, and making my allergies ten times worse. So I've got that going for me. One slight positive to the weather I guess, is that hot, dry and windy never make for good fishing, so we are not missing out as much as we feel like we are given the circumstances.

We remain closed to non-tribal member anglers and recreation. 

Hope all is well, and stay safe out there,


15 June 2020


It has been a dry windy start to the summer. 

The situation has not changed and we remain closed to recreational activities like fishing.

Talks are occurring weekly on how staff can and will be returning to full time work soon, but no firm dates have been set. Obviously all staff will have to be back in 100% percent capacity before recreational activities are resumed, so I see this as progress.

As I've mentioned quite a few times the Fish Crew is mostly working from home so e-mail is the best method of contacting us. jicarillafishqs@gmail.com for through the contact us portion of the website.

Stay safe and healthy out there,


02 June 2020


Just a quick note. The situation has not changed and we remain closed.

As usual I will update as soon as I know anything, or you can contact the Fish Crew at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com

Hope all is well,


20 May 2020


Just a quick note this week. The weather has been hot, windy and dry and the fire season seems to have already started. It appears the end of the lock downs might be in sight.

Currently we are still closed to all fishing and recreational activities. Despite the rampant rumors going around the greater Albuquerque area, and I've heard quite a few over the last two months, just goes to show you really can't trust fishermen! 

Stay Healthly Stay Safe,


11 May 2020


Nothing to report. Just to check in and pass along positive thoughts for all those impacted by our "new normal". The fish crew has been staying very busy with the chores we can. It turns out a lot of the traveling we usually do this time of year was all done via webinar, and if you've been forced into week long webinars you are also well aware that they are not much fun.

No updates on the closure of fishing, but as soon as I have more information I will gladly share it. As always you can get ahold of the fish crew at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com

Stay Safe Stay Healthy.


04 May 2020


There appears to be rumors going around about opening the lakes to non-tribal or non-resident anglers. As with every rumor I have heard from any fisherman, they are very untrue. 


The Fish Crew wants life to return to normal just as much, if not more than everyone else so we WILL BE the First to inform you of any changes to the fishing situation. Because we are the Fish Crew and it is kind of our job.


Quick Update


Not much to update. Situation remains the same. Just wanted to remind folks that the fisheries staff is mostly working from home and is on site on a on call basis. So if you have a question please use the e-mail app on our website or sent it to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com. I do not have access to voicemails remotely, I will return calls when I get to the office, but that is not frequently. A few folks have left messages but I was unable to hear their names/numbers/etc. probably due to bad cell phone service.

Just a reminder the fishing derby has been postponed until further notice.

I will keep posting as new information becomes available.

Hope we can all resume normal life very soon!


16 April 2020

It's with much sadness that the Fisheries Crew must announce the postponement of our May 2nd Fishing Derby. Due to the ongoing public health concerns we will be postponing the 14th Annual Derby until further notice. Please check back as we will keep updating the blog as new information becomes available.


07 April 2020


No new updates as the situation here is the same. I will continue to update as we get new information.

Stay healthly out there,


25 March 2020


Just a quick update to inform you all that the situation has not changed and the closure remains in place. I have been getting lots of calls from anglers but would encourage you all if you need/want to chat with the Fish Crew to use e-mail. Either the contact us format on the website or at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com. We are mostly working from home so do not have access to voicemail, but do have access to e-mail.

Take care,




On March 18th, 2020 the President of the Jicarilla Nation has instituted a reservation wide recreational CLOSURE.

!!!Effective Immediately all Lakes, Rivers and associated camping areas are CLOSED until further notice!!!

The Fish Crew will keep the blog updated as new information becomes available.


16 March 2020


After the recent weather Mundo, Embom, and Stone is free from ice this morning.

The weatherman is saying the next few days could include snow, wind, rain, and all sorts of other goodies. Access roads to all lakes could be very wet and muddy.

We are in the process of road work at Mundo Lake, please exercise extreme caution during weekday working hours as there is expected heavy machinery and truck traffic.





09 March 2020


Based on the volume of calls it appears some of you are chomping at the bit to get out of the house and get some fishing in. Sitting and watching ice melt is the outdoor version of watching paint dry if you all were curious.

As of this morning, Mundo is 98% covered, Embom is 100% covered, and Stone is 60% covered. The ice is deteriorating quickly especially with the rain yesterday. I have been telling folks 2-3 weeks for complete ice out, of course, this is just a guess. With more rain, it could be much shorter, with more cold it could be a bit longer...

The Fish Crew will keep you updated as the situation develops. 





Ice season is closed, but it is not open water season yet. Stone Lake has five to ten feet of open water around the edge of the lake. Mundo is still covered but deteriorating quickly.

New Permit year starts April 1st

Fishing Derby is May 2nd

The Fish Crew will keep you updated as the situation progresses. We sure could use more snow, it's not looking great as far as the water year is concerned.




The better half of the Fish Crew put up the No fishing signs yesterday afternoon (24 February 2020). Ice conditions continue to erode very quickly at all lakes. 


Will update as open water fishing becomes available.


19 February 2020


Ice sheet continues to decline. Mundo is at 7" and Embom is at 6". No slush on the ice. Stone Lake remains unsafe for human travel.

As the sheet starts its decline it becomes more and more unstable, and consistent thickness across the whole lake is less and less likely. Be smart and be safe. I would suggest starting to re-rig the open water gear and get the float tubes patched up.



10 February 2020


Mundo Ice 9" which shows a decline in ice thickness

Embom Ice 7" which shows a decline in ice thickness

All roads are rutted and muddy after the warm weekend and heavy traffic. Consider not using the access roads and parking off the pavement and walking in from the eastside of Mundo. Saving the road is good for everyone...


03 February 2020


Ice is in similar conditions to last week. After the crazy warm weekend, the roads are muddy. Use extreme caution. Two anglers were kind enough to submit reports, both said about the same thing limits of 10-16" trout all on jigs, and big surprise wax worms. 

The weatherman said snow is coming so use your best judgment when traveling, no fish is worth a stay in the ditch.



30 January 2020

I received a report from an angler who "had the best weekend ever" at Mundo. She was even nice enough to include a picture of her husband, who she let come fishing with her. Get out and enjoy the ice season before it is too late. 

27 January 2020

Quick update. Warm weather over the weekend and then snow today. Who knows what the short term forecast has in store.

10 inches of ice at Mundo, holes with signs of fish being caught

9 inches of ice at Embom, holes with signs of fish being caught

Stone is seperating from the edge on the east side and had less that 6" at the boat ramp. 

No angler reports submitted. That makes my blog writing easier...


22 January 2020


Winter conditions currently on all roads in and around the Nation. Unsure what the weatherman is saying about it, but I suggest you make a point to check the weather before venturing this way. Warmer weather and wet "snow rain" have caused some slush on the ice sheet. Be very careful as conditions can change very quickly. Roads are very wet and muddy, use east access to Mundo.

I wanted to make sure we got folks thinking warm thoughts... Get out your calendars and pencil in the 14th Annual Jicarilla Fishing Derby for May 2nd, 2020! The Fisheries Crew will post updates as they become available. But I didn't want to hear about not enough advance notice on our derby this year, so 4.75 months advanced notice is hopefully sufficient. 

No fishing reports were submitted by anglers.


14 January 2019


We got our first uncoerced fishing report of the ice fishing season. Sounds like good fishing on jigs and worms at Mundo. With the standard, well doucmented mid-day lull in catches. No suprises here, if you are a regular angler of Mundo.

Ice conditions remain similar to the last post. Winter driving conditions have been present with light snows early this week. Drive safe and remember you can always access Mundo from the east side off the highway to avoid the dirt road if conditions are not great. This helps keep the road in decent condition and you avoid having to wash your truck on the way home.

Ice season won't last forever, get out and enjoy before it is to late.


06 January 2020


No fishing reports have been submitted... Which is slightly strange since quite a few folks have been fishing... Luckily the Fish Crew's better half through some fishing efforts of his own knows fishing has been HOT. Multiple fish over 20" caught over the last weekend. All types of bait working, jigs and so forth doing very well, even one angler using green peas had excellent success.

Mundo: 6-8"

Embom: 6-8"

Stone: 6" but not consistent in thickness across all samples.

Go fishing, Submit reports, be happy,


02 January 2020


Happy New Year!

We have not recieved a single report from fishermen or women. Luckily for you readers the better half of the Fish Crew went fishing over the weekend (The better half is not the half that writes the blog). Sounded like from his report there were 18 folks out at Mundo over the weekend and everyone was catching. 

Mundo 5-8" of ice

Embom 5-8" of ice

Don't forget to help out and submit reports! Make it a new years resolution?

The Fish Crew will return to the office on January the 6th. The office will be back on normal business hours on January the 6th as well.

Happy New Year!



Ice Report 23 December 2019

Just a quick update on ice conditions. This will be the last update until after the new year.

Mundo: 5-6" clear ice in all three locations tested

Embom: 6-8" clear in all three locations tested

Stone Lake: Ice sheet not connected to shore with open water present around the edges. Where the sheet is connected 1 inch or less of ice. VERY UNSAFE!!!

Merry Christmas from the Fisheries Crew!


19 December 2019


The ice season is just beginning to shape up. All the lakes have variable ice sheets with some areas of concern.

Mundo 3"-4.5" depending on location, unstable and variable especially near edges and boat ramp.

Embom 3-5" depending on location

Stone Lake 2-3" depending on location, very unstable and variable

The Fisheries Crew was not able to sample many locations due to the high variability and safety concerns during sampling. As always your personal safety is your responsibility. No ice sheet is "safe" and excellent individual judgement is required when going out on any iced water body.

If the weather patterns hold the Christmas prediction of good conditions may still hold.


12 December 2019

Holiday Time!

Rain last week set our ice sheets back significantly. Currently, the ice sheet at Mundo is not fully connected to shore and is soft. Embom was soft and approximately 3 inches.

The winter holiday season will see light staff around the office. We will be closed the following days.

Closed the afternoon of 24th December (1-5pm)

Closed on the 25-27th of December

Closed the afternoon of 31st of December (1-5pm)

Closed on the 1st-3rd on January

The Fish Crew will be taking much deserved holidays starting the 16th and will return to full duties on the 6th of January. We will have intermittent access to e-mail. Ice updates will be posted to the blog when new information is received. 

Merry Christmas,



05 December 2019


Just a quick update.

Mundo is fully covered in sheet ice, but is not safe for on ice travel.

Embom has 3" of soft ice, but is not safe for on ice travel.

If current trends continue it seems a Christmas ice season is possible. Obviously my crystal ball on the weather is very cloudy.

Roads are very muddy, and snow packed in some areas.

The Fish Crew will keep you updated as the conditions develop,


26 November 2019


It is full-blown winter this morning, and according to the weatherman, more winter is on its way. Roads are going to be a mix of snow packed on top of mud and mud, ice and snow on all paved roads with high winds and blowing snow.

Yesterday Mundo had sheet ice around the edges of most of the lake while Embom was 85% covered in sheet ice. No ice fishing yet, but if this weather holds it might only be a few weeks away.

The Department will be closed for the Turkey Day holiday 1/2 day the 27th full day 28th and 29th.

I will update the blog on our return Monday the 2nd of December.

Enjoy the holiday!


21 November 2019


Only one report was submitted this week. Two fishermen at Mundo caught 55 fish in 4 hours between 12-16" on wooly buggers and hares ears. 

On a side note, it rained all day yesterday and snowed most of the morning today. All roads will be very muddy and access will be difficult. Stay off of dirt roads if possible. The weatherman says more moisture is due throughout the day today.

Be careful out there,


13 November 2019


No reports have been submitted but the Fisheries Crew has talked to a few fishermen. Most were reporting 30 fish days with minimal effort, the southeast corner of Mundo was mentioned as fishing well. Also, some anglers noted fishing being slower per hour at Embom but bigger fish on average. All lures, bait, and flies seemed to be working equally well among the anglers we spoke with.

It is almost the holidays, and that means winter. I'd go fishing sooner rather than later.



11 November 2019

Just an FYI all docks at Mundo have been put up for the winter. Shore/boat fishing is still open and sounds like folks are doing very well.


06 November 2019


Fishing reports indicate 20-80+ fish days at Mundo with bait, castmasters, spinners and flies of all sorts, fish reported this week range in size from 14-24". No reports from Embom or Stone have been submitted. The fish crew conducted its fall Stone Lake survey and as anticipated Rainbow Trout approximately 16" average were fat and healthy. 

As usual this time of year sees higher angler traffic, and quite a few fishing proclamation infractions have been noted. Please read the fishing proclamation before going fishing, you can download the .pdf to your phone for quick reference. It also seems quite a few issues arise from "rumors" going around. All proclamation rules are in effect and have not changed, regardless of what rumors your fishing buddy heard. By signing your permit you are legally saying you have read and understand the rules.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Fish Fans,

Received one report from Mundo Lake a group of four or five each caught their limits from shore on assorted powerbaits. Fish averaged 14-16". Have heard vague rumors of larger fish coming out of Embom, but, a fisherman told us, and you know what they say about those guys and gals... I would give Embom a fair chance before the freeze, especially if it is windy at Mundo...

The Fish Crew has been busy with a river restoration project and is not in the office but sporadically during the days. If you have fishing questions please leave a voicemail or e-mail and we will return them as soon as we can (usually early in the morning or later in the evening before closing time).

Most of you are probably a little past the trick or treat ages so you should have plenty of time to go fishing!



23 October 2019


A couple of fishing reports were submitted both indicated 50 plus fish days on everything from damselfly patterns to streamers and assorted buggers. Fish reported as between 12-20 inches. Anglers reported excellent fishing at both Mundo and Embom lakes. I have only received reports from catch and release fly fishermen.

It has been downright subarctic in the morning with nighttime temperatures in the single digits to low double digits. So pack accordingly if you plan to show up early or stay late. We are under moderate to high fire risk so if you have a campfire please be extremely careful, it is very dry.

This year has been a weather rollercoaster so what happens next is anyone's guess. 


16 October 2019


I guess a little internet poking caused a stir, and a fisherman submitted a report. Two anglers reported 100 plus fish day (8hrs of fishing) from Mundo between 14-18" on an assortment of flies including bunny leeches and size 14 nymphs. I don't own a fly shop, so I'm not in the business of selling flies... You don't need fancy things with silly names. If you own a fly shop you probably are cursing me, but a well-presented simple fly will always produce better than a poorly presented fad. This is good news for those who tie flies, as you don't need to learn those new step intensive flies to catch fish. This isn't the Henry's Fork. Focus on technique not fly patterns.

Get out and enjoy the season before it is over.



10 October 2019


On a recent trip to the big city, a fisherman tracked me down and gave me a really good report from Enbom from last weekend. He said the fishing was difficult but fish were in the 18-22" range and using his fish finder he saw many more that were a little smarter than he was. He said the weeds were manageable but he only used a floating line and lighter flies.

No reports submitted on any other of the lakes, but it sure looks good out there.

I know I'm going fishing this weekend, you should too!


07 October 2019


Luckily for you, the Fisheries Tech has been hounding people, because not a soul has submitted a fishing report since this spring/summer. I know many folks read the blog, but it seems many do not understand how this is put together. Despite the rumors, the fisheries crew does not fish for a living. All of the information provided in the blog is from reports submitted by anglers. I really would prefer not to hound folks who are fishing, as that's not why folks go fishing. Therefore without angler reports the quality and quantity of information being provided in the blog suffers. I think some folks are trying to keep these lakes a secret or may feel they are protecting their honey hole. But who knows.

We get constant calls and e-mails requesting sometimes very specific information but are not getting reports in return. So consider submitting a report.

The Tech talked to two anglers and one reported lots of fish in the 14-16" range and another reported an 18" fish. Both on unspecified bait at Mundo Lake.

The mornings have been cold and the colors are starting to change quickly.

Regardless of reports, If I wasn't working I'd be fishing,


27 September 2019


No reports were received from anglers. 

The night time temperatures have cooled significantly this week, despite higher than normal daytime temperatures. We were even fortunate enough to get a nice afternoon of rain on Monday. Roads are dry now of course.

I have a great feeling about this year's fall fishing.

Get out, submit a report, be happy,





No fishing reports have been submitted, but requests for specialized reports are on the rise. I guess fall fever has hit some off our anglers. The Fish Crew went sleuthing around and found anglers reporting consistent action in the mornings with it slowing significantly during the afternoon. Fish reported have been in the 12-17" range with one angler mentioning losing a fish that jumped three times at the better part of 21". You know what they say about fish tales, no pictures, no proof. The angler was quite sure it was the best fish she had hooked in a long time, so who am I to argue. Anglers from boats have been doing best but one angler indicated the east side dock was fishing well.

Fall has been delayed, so I would imagine peak fishing will be the starting early to mid-October. Those are just the Fish Crews predications.

Get out and go fishing football can wait,


Fishing Time


No reports have been submitted. I did see a very nice bass photo posted online from Mundo Lake. Though it is hard to get an accurate measurement from a photo the fish appears to be in the 18" range, which with how fat it was could be close to five pounds.

The Nation will be on Administrative Leave from 11th of September and will return to their offices on the 18th of September. So you will not be able to purchase a permit at the Game & Fish office during this time. The Casino and Hotel will be open.

Get out and go fishing,


Fall is...almost...kind of...

Anglers have been out and about, slowly but surely. I have not received any reports from them, but folks in town have mentioned float tubers and bank anglers on a few of the lakes the last week. Two anglers yesterday at Mundo were catching 12-14" inch Rainbow Trout in the morning, but larger fish were elusive. Temperatures are still getting very summery during the day, but it is finally cooling off nicely at night. If you are into Catfish this might be the last few weeks of the active bite before they slow down for winter. 

Of course hunting season has started and obviously that takes precedence for many of our part-time anglers. I told my wife I wouldn't be home much and for most of September, she would be a fishing-widow. Now she just laughs when I tell her such things. 

Get out and enjoy the remainder of the season, before you know it I'll be posting ice thickness and snow reports.



Quick Update


Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are currently spreading at incredible rates throughout the United States, but in particular in the Southwest. Obviously, if you are an angler you have seen signs about clean, drain, dry and disinfect your fishing equipment before fishing new waters as it has been in the news and boat ramps for the better part of a decade. Aquatic invasive species including New Zeland Mudsnails, Quagga Muscles, Zebra Muscles, and many aquatic plant species pose a huge risk to fisheries. 

Currently, the State of New Mexico and the Jicarilla Apache Nation are clean and do not have populations of AIS species. We would all like to keep it that way.

All boats must be clean, drained, and dried before launching at Jicarilla Lakes. Equipment like waders and float tubes need to be sterilized/disinfected before entering our waters, as should be common practice for traveling anglers. 

We here at Jicarilla Game and Fish would like to remind anglers that the introduction of any of these species to the Nation would severely impact the fisheries you all come here to enjoy. So each and every one of you must do your part to limit the risk of accidentally transporting invasive species. 

We will be implementing inspections of watercraft and equipment in the near future to further prevent the chances of any accidental introduction.

If you have questions on how to do your part contact the fisheries crew at (575) 759-3255 or jicarillafishqs@gmail.com


Summer Heat Wave


No fishing reports were submitted in my absence. 

The Game Wardens did contact a few anglers and the theme was bait fishing was slow, while spinners and flies were fishing better. It has been very hot and sunny, and the monsoon seems to have taken a break. 

Stay out of the sun if you can, evening fishing is better fishing this time of year.






No fishing reports have been submitted. 

Which is not to say no fishing has been done, just everyone is keeping it to themselves. There really are not too many secrets around fishing, lots of rumors of secrets, but no real secrets. If you don't submit a report, you are not keeping your favorite lake from blowing up in popularity. Everyone wants up to date reports, but no one seems to want to submit them. Just as a reminder reports can be submitted on the website or by e-mailing jicarillafishqs@gmail.com 

To the young man I excavated a treble hook out of last week, did your thumb heal up okay?

No one went out and tried the damsel hatch?

The Fish Crew will be on leave starting this afternoon and will return to the office Monday the 19th. If you have an emergency please call Jicarilla Police Department at 575-759-3222. I will respond to all e-mails and voice mails when I return. 

Get out and enjoy, 



Quick Updates

No fishing reports have been submitted. I'm starting to sound like a broken record but it seems everyone wants updates but no one wants to give one. I know some folks have been out but I have not heard from them.

Last week someone asked me how I would go about fishing the lake during this time of the year. First I wouldn't be caught out before 6:00 pm and I would probably wrap up at 10:30 pm or when my tummy told me it was grub time. By 5:00 most evenings (that I have been on the lake) the damselflies are cruising low and getting seriously hammered by trout. I'd focus on that bite after the monsoons have been hitting and the temperatures cool since the fish are getting active.

Now I know some of you are saying "but, but, I don't like dry fly fishing...", but the person asked me how I would go about it. I'd also be at the river, hiking habitat to habitat covering miles of water capitalizing on those browns. Using Clouser minnows and some form of crayfish pattern. It is not for the faint-hearted or the weak ankled, but most trophies don't come easy.

Stay home in the A/C or get after it and use some nontraditional times/patterns/techniques to catch big fish. My house doesn't have A/C so I'm going to choose the getting after it approaches!

Get out, and get after it,



Big Browns


Have you been bummed about the lakes slowing down in the heat? For those adventurous anglers, the river should be fishing very well. I heard a rumor that crayfish flys are the ticket. Actually, I know for a fact crayfish flys are the ticket.




Just a quick update on a cool nationwide project we have brought to Mundo Lake. @flybraryproject is a neat concept of public fly boxes if you need a fly take a fly, have a fly leave a fly. Of course, this whole process works on the honor system, and the Fish Crew donated a dozen proven winners to start the process. I know a lot of you float tube addicts have a homebrew favorite pattern that you could spare one or two of. It also acts as a neat way for me to see what folks have been using at the lake. Based on the loaded vests and tube pockets I know more than a few of you have a fly collection problem, this is one simple way to trim down your assortments.

The Flybrary is located on the new bear-proof trashcan on the spillway at Mundo.

This sweet Seadek Flybrary patch was free from Castaway Customs (castawaycustoms.com), so not exactly an endorsement just a great way to build the fishing community. Who doesn't love free neat stuff?


Back Home and Back at Work


After a much-needed road trip around the breadbasket of America, I have returned. In my absence, no fishing reports were submitted by anglers. The weather has been furnace-like, and as always happens the cold water fishing is slowing down, and of course, the warm water fishing should be heating up. Not to say a trout or two won’t get caught, but springtime 50 fish days are a thing for the upcoming fall.

I have been getting reports of weeds and vegetation making sinker fishing difficult. This is always the case in the summer as sunlight and warm temperatures make the vegetation grow at vigorous rates.  We are going to be going into our normal monsoonal patterns if you still insist on listening to the weather professionals on the television.

Enjoy the summer, go catfishing, make fish tacos, be happy!


Quick Update


The Youth Jicarilla Wild C.O.R.E program was a success and wrapped up today with kids fishing. The whole department and The Fish Crew was busy baiting hooks, teaching knot tying, and probably most important untangling every pole catastrophe that occurred at the lake.

No fishing reports have been submitted…

That being said it has been really hot and sunny so I think summer is finally here in full bloom. My allergies are telling me that every plant under the sun is enjoying the weather. It is probably time to consider warm water species fishing.

The Fish Crew will be on a two week vacation so there will be no new fishing reports posted until the week of July 15th.

Enjoy the Holidays!


Quick Update


Just a quick update. On June 27th the Department will be holding its second annual "Jicarilla Wild C.O.R.E." youth program BBQ and kids fishing day at Mundo Lake.

What does this mean: Kids from kindergarten to high school will undergo 3 days of extensive fish and wildlife conservation education as well as learn important hunting and fishing skills that will serve them for all their years. 

What does this mean for you: There will be about 300 people including about 240 children fishing, eating hamburgers, learning about boating safety, how to cook a trout, and how to rig a fishing pole at Mundo lake from 9:00 to 3:00. This last day of the event is going to be fun for the participants, but for you fishermen and fisherladies who were planning on a fishing trip, I would recommend Embom Lake, or picking another day.


Quick Update


Just a picture I snapped today at Embom. The weeds are coming in quick at Embom but the fishing is still going well for those with the touch. This guy is a fish hound for sure. There also is a picture of a real monster caught at Embom on our instagram page, you can find it on the homepage by clicking the camera icon.

June 18th 2019


Fishing reports are coming in from my local on the ground troops, but I have not received any recent reports from out of town anglers. Fishing has been better in the late evening and early morning, which should be no surprise since temperatures have been high 70’s and low 80’s and sunny during the day. Powerbait, fly and water bobber, and fly anglers using sinking type lines have all reported excellent catches. Anglers willing to walk away from the popular spots have also been rewarded with larger fish.

It feels like summer is here to stay, and we are thankful for the amazing spring. It might be getting time to shift gears and start thinking about warm water action, especially during the heat of the day.


June 10th 2019

Photo: Two anglers combined bag at Mundo June 10th 2019


Received three reports from this weekend and the previous week. Mixed emotions with some anglers doing very well and others not so good. Local anglers are still reporting excellent catches especially in the morning and evening, with day time fishing slowing significantly if it is high heat and direct sun.

Today we had the Mundo road regraded so it is smooth sailing until the next monsoon. As always if you are hand loading a float tube, and your vehicle doesn’t like the road due to mud or ruts you can easily load off the highway right near the dam, it is only a 20 yard walk.

This morning two of our regulars where hammering fish and even said the catfish bite was starting to turn on. Largest trout was 17” and the biggest catfish was 18”.

Go fish, before it gets to be full on summer,


Spring Fishing


No fishing reports have been submitted, but the Fish Crew has been hounding folks at the lake for your benefit. It turns out this year continues to provide great fishing. Anglers mentioned excellent catches and many fish an hour at both Mundo and Enbom. Some of the highlights have been multiple fish at 20 inches caught at Enbom lake this week and quite a few in the 16-18” range. Consistent catches on silver spinners, olive wooly buggers, hares ears and prince nymphs. Anglers mentioned overcast days producing more fish than bright sunny days. Anglers who are willing to get off the spillway and venture into less pressured areas are producing more, and larger fish. So it is business as usually as far as I can tell. The weather has been highly variable with the weatherman being wrong more than right (per usual).

Get out and go fishing, submit reports, be happy!


Misplaced Equipment


On Wednesday May 29th 2019 it was discovered that the Jicarilla Game & Fish Departments thermograph system had been removed from Mundo Lake. This system was deployed on April 15th 2019, and was last seen by staff on Thursday May 23rd. This equipment monitors hourly lake temperature at three levels in the lake (top, middle, and bottom). The data collected has to be manually downloaded, but continuous hourly temperatures will be recorded for up to five years per device. They are meant to be deployed for long periods of time, and only downloaded when data is needed for analysis.

The system was comprised of three thermographs suspended by a foam buoy with orange “JGFD” painted on it in two locations. Black nylon rope (approximately 1/2” in diameter) was attached at the top to the buoy and at the bottom by metal cans filled with concrete (anchoring it to the bottom).  The rope was approximately 36 feet in the length.

The three thermographs were Hobo Pro V2 models made by ONSET (see photos). The serial numbers of the missing units are as follows:

Top: 10872907

Middle: 10873306

Bottom: 10855082

These temperature data loggers are approximately $120.00 each, but the data they collect can never be replaced once the equipment is lost or stolen.

JGFD will be deploying a new system because this data is very important for continued trophy fisheries management. If you become entangled in the thermograph system, break or cut your line immediately, do no pull up the system or tamper with it in any way!

If you have any information relating to this missing equipment or why thermographs are being deployed please contact Jacob Mazzone at Jicarilla Game & Fish Department by calling (575) 759-3255 or through e-mail at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com


Misplaced Equipment


Today I went out to Mundo Lake and noticed our Thermograph equipment was gone. Some of you may have noticed a white buoy with orange JGFD on it floating in the north east corner of the lake. This buoy was suspending multiple thermographs in the water column that all took hourly temperature readings. If you thought this was discarded refuse please contact me to set up a return of the equipment. Lake temperature monitoring is very import to fisheries management and the equipment is not inexpensive (but good luck pawning it). If you just thought you found a new anchor rope, please contact me. We just want to get our instruments back in the lake as soon as possible to keep collecting data. If you have any information or tips regarding this loss of equipment, please contact me.

The Office Number is (575) 759-3255 and my e-mail is jicarillafishqs@gmail.com



I was told this holiday weekend was very busy, with lots of fish caught. But no one has submitted any reports, of course lots of people called for them. From the information I gathered lots of fish were caught multiple 20" fish from Embom and one 26" fish from Mundo were the real highlights. I learned this information second hand, but it was from a normally credible source. If a fisherman can even be considered a credible source… The weather is supposed to stabilize but we are experiencing everything from sun, to snow flurries. As the water warms up the fishing should only get better.

On a very sad note today our parks and recreation crew found a 20” fish discarded in the trash at Embom. Please do not keep fish you do not wish to eat, they are quite happy being put back in the lake to fight another day. If you witness someone wasting fish, or keeping more than their limit please call the Game and Fish immediately (575-759-3255) or on the weekend you can call the Police Department so they can contact and dispatch an on duty warden (575-759-3222).   

Please remember to submit reports.

Go fishing!


The picture below is of one of the Foresters here in town last week at Embom Lake.

Spring Weather

Spring is acting like, well, spring. It is raining and snowing off and on at many elevations and as a fish guy, things are going awesome. Weather of this nature is supposed to continue throughout the week, according to the professionals. After the drought of 2018, this is exactly what we needed. Fishing has been fantastic from local reports, but visiting anglers have not submitted any new reports since the last blog update. Water bobbler and flies, bait, spinners, and all manor of tackle have been producing full stringers. Water temperatures last week were 54 degrees at seven feet and 47 degrees at 18 feet. Things are still cold so fishing should only improve when temperatures begin to rise. Please remember to be respectful of the boat ramp parking situation at Mundo, it is a very popular spot these days. Don’t forget to check out Embom lake, I heard a rumor about the north side flats holding some nice fish.



May 9th 2019


I have to say it is turning into one of the most perfect springs I can remember. Rain makes for less fishing, but more water is more better! Bad English aside, roads are going to be very sloppy especially if the weatherman was correct when he said it should be raining off and on for the foreseeable future (at least through the weekend). Please use good judgement before tearing down wet roads, and consider parking on asphalt and walking in to the lakes if possible. It is Canada goose nesting season please use extreme caution and remain a safe distance away from nests.

I have been getting lots of fishing reports, and they are always quite interesting. Flies and lures have been out fishing bait, especially when it comes to fish size. Folks are reporting catches of 20 plus fish a day with pistol petes and fish in the 11-16”. Multiple anglers reported larger fish in the 18” to 20” range all on lures and flies. Boat and tube anglers seem to be out fishing shore anglers. Covering water this time of year is really important. On a side note the first rounds of stockings are completed for the spring.

Game wardens have been reporting that many anglers have not done their due diligence by not reading and understanding the fishing proclamation. Some of the most common violations have been fishing with two poles, and not knowing the limits. Please take the time to read the Proclamation, it is not very long, and it will save you from making a mistake that could result in a citation. It is available on multiple locations of the website, including the main page and is a downloadable .pdf you can save it to your smart phone for quick reference.  

 Un-safe boating and the loss of gear in the lake has come up again this year. Multiple rods have been reported missing (lost overboard) and at least one trolling motor. Please use common sense and all proper safety equipment if you are launching a tube or craft in the lakes. If you find any equipment please report it to the JGFD and turn it in so we can return it to the rightful owner.

Have a great weekend!


Derby Results

Photo: Quintin with his First Place Youth Catfish and 3rd Place Adult Catfish

We had beautiful weather for the 13th Annual Derby. The fishing was on fire most of the day, and we weighed in the most fish of any derby (at least during my tenure). The Top Place finishers are listed below. The competition was fierce, and folks had to play the tactics game all day to place in the top three. Most folks were so focused on trout that they forgot about the other categories which made one lucky Bluegill fisherman, who took home some loaded fly boxes and a new float tube. One youth also placed in the Adult Catfish Category so we hooked him up with 1st place youth and 3rd place adult prizes.

Rainbow Trout (Adult Division)

1st Herman Garcia with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 5.965 pounds

2nd Moses Esquibel with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 5.543 pounds

3rd Bob Martinez with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 5.295 pounds

Bluegill (Adult Division)

Mike Pino with 1 Bluegill weighing 0.375 pounds

Channel Catfish (Adult Division)

1st Joseph Vigil with 10 Channel Catfish weighing 14.380 pounds

2nd Valentino Lucero with 3 Channel Catfish weighing 4.015 pounds

3rd Quintin Cheykaychi with 1 Channel Catfish weighing 2.460 pounds

Rainbow Trout (Youth Division)

1st Luis Cano with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 4.915 pounds

2nd Stormy Bicenti with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 3.675 pounds

3rd Jordon Victorino with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 3.600 pounds

Channel Catfish (Youth Division)

1st Quintin Cheykaychi with 1 Channel Catfish weighing 2.460 pounds

2nd Arion Gonzales with 1 Channel Catfish weighing 1.008 pounds

25 April 2019


Busy spring fishing season and I have a few updates.

Three docks are out at Mundo, they may not be in their final resting places for the season, but three docks are fishable. 

For those folks who asked the water temperature at Mundo Lake today at 11:43 was 12.46 C. 

PSA: Spill way parking is tight, PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE BOAT RAMP, it is very inconsiderate. If you park to close to the ramp you run the risk of getting backed into. Please consider that a truck has to pull up, around, and then back in. Stay well clear of the ramp when parking.

Parking is tight since the lake is so high, please move your vehicle from the spill way once you have unloaded your gear. Be considerate of folks who need to unload, back a trailer, etc.

Fishing has been hot, with fly rods out fishing bait six to one. The lake is off color and motion and flash seems to be the ticket. If you are a spin caster consider the ole Pistol Pete and water bobber technique. Boat anglers as always are having more consistent luck, on larger fish. Fish this week seemed to range from 10-19”.

The South Boat ramp at Stone Lake is underwater for the first time in well as long as I have been here. What a great thing that is. Let’s keep the rain coming.

May 4th is the 13TH Annual Derby, if you are joining us, we look forward to seeing you out there! If you wanted the lake to yourself that day I would consider another weekend or another lake…

Good Luck out there!


Weather Changes


It was spring for a quick second, and then it snowed. Not much snow and none of it accumulated but it feels like the temperature over the last two days has dropped 25 degrees, and the wind has been horrific.

I have only received a few reports, all indicated easy trout catches from shore 12-16” on spinners, bait, and spoons. The water temperature today is 47 degrees, so still very cold. The catfish bite has been amazing at the inflow area of Mundo with the local fishermen hauling in cats up to 24”, but they have say the old adage is true “you should have been here yesterday” as the bite seems to be slowing down.

The Fish Crew will be putting out the docks as soon as the weather allows. We are hoping next week the weather clears and lets us get out in the field. High wind and dock construction do not go together.

Mundo Lake is at the spill way and only two feet of the ramp is exposed. Please use caution in the area! I went to take the dangerous ice sign down and had to put on my waders. The sign is in knee deep water. The dead tree snag on the dam is total submerged. Awesome winter, brings awesome water!



Fishing Derby Update

13TH Annual Jicarilla Fishing Derby: Rules and Regulations

$30 per angler (13 & over)

$10 per youth angler (12 & under)

This Year’s Derby will be held at Mundo Lake

All other 2019-2020 Jicarilla Proclamation Rules and Regulations Also Enforced!


General Derby Rules (valid May 4th 2019 ONLY!)

  1. Jicarilla Game and Fish employees will be patrolling the Lakes, and have the authority to disqualify and cite any contestant for breaking the Jicarilla fishing regulations or tournament rules.
  2. Every contestant must have their own separate stringer/creel of fish. Sharing or combining fish will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification. All of the involved parties will stop fishing for the day (once a fish is caught, place in appropriate contestant’s creel or stringer immediately).
  3. Registration starts at 7:30am on the Mundo Lake Spillway. Cash Only for registration correct change is appreciated!
  4. Tournament fishing hours are from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Anglers may prepare to fish (launch boats, set-up, etc.) but cannot drop a line until the starting siren/gun has been sounded.
  5. One Pole per angler
  6. All fish must be turned in at the check-in station beginning at 3:30pm at the Mundo Lake Spillway. All fish must be checked-in by 4:00pm in order to qualify for prizes. No exceptions!
  7. Contestants must treat each other and the Jicarilla Nation with respect and civility. Harassment, littering, vandalism are grounds for disqualification/citation. If cheating is suspected, please locate a Jicarilla Game and Fish employee to investigate. DO NOT confront another contestant if cheating is suspected. Please respect other anglers and their families, refrain from profane language and behavior.
  8. Prizes are awarded based on total weight of a legal bag limit (measured by an approved Jicarilla Game & Fish Representative). Categorizes for Trout, Bluegill, and Catfish will be awarded prizes, there will also be youth divisions.
  9. Legal bag limits are as follows Trout (5), Bluegill (10), and Catfish (25).
  10. Bait Fishing is allowed at Mundo Lake in accordance with the 2019-2020 Fishing Proclamation (no fish pieces, fish/minnows, or amphibians allowed (please see 2019-2020 proclamation of complete list of applicable regulations)
  11. Tiger Musky will not be included in this year’s Derby. Excessive handling/weighing could cause unwanted stress, thus, if a Tiger Musky is caught at Mundo Lake, please return it to the water as soon as possible to reduce stress and potential mortality.
  12. Derby Registration allows anglers to fish during the duration of the Derby, to fish after the derby hours anglers will need a valid    Jicarilla Fishing Permit

02 April 2019


Just a quick update:

I took a drive today and wanted to report back that Mundo Lake is at the spillway and still gaining water. Please exercise extreme caution in the parking lot area, if the spillway is wet, please do not try and drive to the spillway instead walk from the road. The lake is slightly off color from run off.

Embom lake is spilling over and the road is very sloppy.

Stone lake is getting a much needed steady inflow of water from Elk Stream and is rising.

All the roads have wet areas and are rutted. We will get the roads crew to grade the roads once the threat of snow is over.

Fishing sounds like it is doing very well for those getting out early.


April 1st 2019

Happy April Fools Day!

No jokes from the Fisheries Crew this year, but some good news on the lake conditions. 

Ice is gone from Mundo, and we are getting quite a bit of Inflow, which is AWESOME! Folks have been catfishing at the inflow area and doing very well. The lake is off color near the inflow due to all the run off. It snowed yesterday so winter is still trying to hang on. 

Hope all is well!


14 March 2019

No real news, no open water yet, and ice fishing season is over. I just wanted to give an update on the weather. It has been raining, and it has been snowing. Which is excellent news for the lakes and rivers. After last year’s horrific drought getting a reprieve is a prayer answered. Now I’m not much of a fortune teller but all three lakes (Mundo, Embom, and Stone) are already receiving inflow after rain-on-snow events over the last week. If we can continue to reap the benefits of “Bomb Cyclones” and good old fashion spring storms it should be a very good spring!

Hope all is well,




Based on all the phone calls from anglers it has become apparent some of you are chomping at the bit to wet a line. Currently Mundo Lake has about 20 feet of open water around the south side of the lake. I think the remaining ice sheet is deteriorating quickly but it might take two more weeks to break up significantly with the current weather conditions. Obviously rain or high winds could accelerate the break up. I will be out of the office on business travel next week but will update when new information becomes available.




After the warm weekend and early snow run off the ice sheet has turned to 18" of slush. Due to safety concerns the Department has decided to close the lakes to ice fishing for the rest of the season. This was the longest most productive ice season since I have been here (6 years). So there is alot to be happy about, winter just can't last forever (thank goodness for soft water fishermen like myself).

I will keep the blog updated with conditions as the lake opens up and spring fishing begins. New permit season begins April 1st and the new proclamation is already uploaded to the website.

The Fishing Derby will be held May 4th so get it on your calendars, we are working to get it all set up so I'll post updates as we get further along in the process!

New Website


If you are reading this it means the new Jicarilla Game & Fish Website is live. It has taken quite a bit of work to update the website and we hope to share even more improvements and updates in the near future. All of your old favorites including the updated Fishing Proclamation and of course the Fish Blog will continue to be updated with the most current fishing conditions. Look around and enjoy!