The 2021-22 Hunting Season and COVID-19: Our community and reservation faced unfortunate challenges, loss, and unprecedent situations.  Our decision to postpone and/or cancel all non-tribal 2020 hunts and SPRING 2021 hunts was made in earnest to protect our community, our hunters, and to do our part in reducing the spread of the virus.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we plan to welcome back our visiting hunters and others in Fall 2021.

CARRYOVER LICENSES—many licenses sold in 2020 were rolled into 2021.  These 2020 carryover licenses have reduced or eliminated availability of certain 2021 license quotas.  These license types will be marked as “SOLD OUT” throughout this proclamation.  If you rolled over your hunt last year- THANK YOU for your patience and trust in the Department.  We will be mailing out your rolled over licenses automatically.  If you do not have a rollover license, please review each license type for more information before applying.

2021 HUNTING GUESTS—as the Jicarilla Apache Nation continues to address the many challenges associated with the pandemic, we intend to move forward with Fall Hunts.  We will constantly monitor the latest public health information and safety protocols, and will do so through the season.  The Jicarilla Apache Nation mandates masks in public places, social distancing, and strongly recommends visitors receive the COVID-19 vaccine prior to arriving.  We respectfully request that our guests simply stay home if you don’t feel well, and if that means you may miss your 2021 trip to the reservation, we will reward your honesty by refunding 100% of your license fees no questions asked. 

COVID-19 COW ELK APPLICATION VOUCHER (2021): As detailed in an earlier JGFD press release (July 15, 2020), each non-tribal hunter who entered the 2020 cow elk draw has been issued a Cow Elk Application Voucher used for 2021 cow elk applications. These vouchers are transferable and are valid for non-tribal cow elk applications in 2021 (replaces $50 Wildlife Stamp and Application Fee for cow elk only).  A new application will be required in 2021 for cow elk draw hunts (Res. cow, South Unit Cow, Horse Lake Mesa Cow). Please mail the voucher(s) along with your application, instead of the $50 fee.

It will take all of us to make 2021 healthy and prosperous. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding. Stay well.  -JGFD Staff




DRAW APPLICATION and OVER-THE-COUNTER LICENSE TYPES: Please NOTE there are two (2) application forms in 2021-2022, depending on which hunt type you are seeking, all applicants must download and print the appropriate hunt application form (pdf) from and fill in the appropriate hunt(s) selection, contact information and submit appropriate fees. A $50 non-refundable Jicarilla Wildlife Stamp and Application Fee is required for all hunt types unless otherwise noted. Checks only. No internet sales. Successful applicants will be sent hunting license(s) via USPS mail. Individuals may hold multiple licenses per species. Please complete the application in its entirety and sign verifying the information is correct. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be processed; please contact JGFD if you need assistance.  


1) DRAW Hunt Application Form: (Cow Elk, Fall Bear) High-demand big-game licenses are issued by random draw, with an equal chance to draw (no preference system). Draw results will be posted on hunting blog

  • COW ELK DRAW: Hunt Applications along with a $50 per applicant non-refundable application and wildlife stamp fee (cow elk rollover application vouchers will also be accepted in 2021) are due no later than June 1, 2021, 5pm MST. To enter the draw, please submit a completed Draw Hunt Application Form and $50 per applicant (non-refundable application and wildlife stamp fee). If successful in the draw, the remaining license fee(s) will be due within 30 days of the draw date.  Cow elk draw hunts; up to four (4) people per application is allowed.   
    • Example: a cow elk application with 4 applicants requires a $200 ($50X4) non-refundable application and stamp fee. If successful in the draw, the total balance of $3,000.00 ($750x4) is due within 30 business days. If unsuccessful in the draw, JGFD will retain the $200 application and wildlife stamp fee to help fund wildlife conservation initiatives.
  • FALL BLACK BEAR DRAW: Hunt Applications along with $650 FULL LICENSE AND STAMP FEES ($600 + $50 per applicant non-refundable application and wildlife stamp fee) are due no later than June 1, 2021, 5pm MST to enter the draw. If unsuccessful in the draw, the $600 license fee will be refunded.



2) OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) Hunt Application Form: (Bull Elk, Waterfowl) In 2021, a limited number of bull elk licenses are available for purchase from the JGFD office with no draw required. These “OTC” licenses are sold on a first come-first serve basis beginning on the dates listed for each hunt type. These hunts may be sold in person or over the phone (575) 759-3255; If sold over the phone, JGFD must receive an Over-The-Counter Hunt Application Form and total payment within 5 business days. A $50 non-refundable application and wildlife stamp fee per person is due along with license costs. If payment and application is not received within 5 business days, JGFD may sell the license to the next alternate. Any license(s) not issued in the draw process may be sold over-the-counter.

OTC Example: A bull elk hunter elects to purchase an over-the-counter November bull elk hunt. The individual calls JGFD office to reserve the license. JGFD will take his/her name and contact information and wait a maximum of 5 business days to receive a complete OTC hunt application form and full payment ($7,050). When the application and payment is received by JGFD, a hunting license will be issued and mailed.




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